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The Covell Group specializes in helping Small Businesses grow by meeting their needs based on their time and their budget. We understand that computing environment is critical to the daily function and growth of a business and any down time is unacceptable. The challenge is to provide a stable and productive environment while minimizing cost to enable a small business to become a large business.

The Covell Group is with you every step of the way, from designing a system, supporting and training on the system, to creating a web presence that will convey your companies message to the world.

Consulting - Covell Group employees have extensive knowledge and experience in designing and supporting simple to complex environments with a specialty in Microsoft based systems. With years of project management experience as well, we are able to get projects off the ground quickly and efficiently. read more about consulting …

Repair and Service - With ongoing maintenance keeping your systems in good running condition a must; The Covell Group is able to provide your business with service plans that are both economical and very easy to budget. read more about repair and service…

Training - Your employees are only as productive as their skills allow them to be. To improve their productivity it is more than worth the investment to train them in programs such as Windows, Word, Excel, and Outlook. read more about training …

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